Installation Checklist

1) Check parts list against parts received.

2) Call the supplier if any parts are missing or damaged.

3) Survey application for the mounting location.

4) Check return hose requirements.

5) Check pressure line requirements.

6) Check filter removal requirements.

7) Mount the unit at the chosen location.

8) Take an oil sample of the old oil to use as reference of the current engine condition.

9) Drain oil and install new full-flow filter.

10) Install return hose.

11) Fill crankcase with new oil and take sample of new oil for baseline comparison.

12) Install pressure line. If pressure is above 5 bar at normal operating temperature, install High-Pressure Metering Jet (included in the kit), or install optional pressure reducing valve.

13) Install heating element/electrical connections.

14) Attach clear vapour tube to the valve.

15) Start the engine and check for oil leaks.

16) Let engine run for 15-45 minutes and check the flow meter for oil flow. Oil level should be between the H and L indicator on the Sight Glass.

17) Shut down engine and check oil level. Add oil if needed.

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