Making & Installing the Pressure Hose

The high pressure hose is not included in the kit. The high pressure hose can be supplied by any hydraulic supplies outlet but if you experience difficulties in obtaining the necessary pressure supplies, please contact us or your nearest GLW dealer for further assistance.

1) Use 3/16” I.D. 1500 psi fully braided hose rated for hydraulic oil. (Aeroquip #FC350-4 hose is recommended)

2) Measure the distance between the FS and the hose adapter on the engine. Cut the pressure hose to length.

3) Install the Br hose fitting onto the pressure hose. Repeat installation on other end of the hose. (See video above)

4) The next step is to use compressed air to blow out any debris that may be trapped inside the hose.

5) The pressure hose is completed.

6)Connect the pressure hose to the needle valve installed earlier and tighten with a spanner.

7) Replace the pressure switch wire and loosen the needle value tap.

8) Thread the other end of the pressure hose into the FS canister prepared earlier.

9) The installation of the pressure hose is completed.

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