Installing the Banjo Bolt and Return Hose

The return hose on all models should be ¾” (19mm) ID. All models have a male barbed sight hose fitting, which fits into the return hose.


BanjoBolt_w_BrBarb Banjobolt_w_BrBarb_Expanded

 Banjo Bolt with Br Barb


To return the oil into the sump, it is recommended to custom-made a banjo bolt (picture above) to attach to the oil sump and route the oil return hose to the banjo bolt. The dealer, who sold you the truck, or other equipment, can give you the hole and thread size of the oil sump nut. If you have a problem, contact us or your nearest GLW dealer for further assistance.


1) Apply thread locker fluid to the Br Barb and attach to the banjo bolt.

2) Insert in the washers to the banjo screw and attach the banjo to the oil sump. Screw in the oil sump nut to the banjo together with a washer.

3) Use ¾” I.D. 250 psi hose rating for hydraulic oil (Aeroquip # FC332-12 is recommended) and cut to required length with a sharp knife. Please note that it is essential that the oil return connection is below the level of the oil in the sump (as shown in picture below). This is to prevent blow-by of the engine oil.


4) Lubricate the barbed end and the inside of the hose. Insert the hose barb into the hose as far as possible. Follow the same procedure for the barbed banjo bolt fitting. (See photo below)


5) Use the supplied cable ties to secure the return hose, making sure that the hose is constantly descending all the way to the sump with no dips, traps or sharp bends. Be sure that the hose does not come in contact with any hot or moving parts. This completes the return hose installation.

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