Troubleshooting Guide

The GLW FS unit is designed to be user friendly with minimum maintenance. It is manufactured with strict quality control to ensure a long lasting product. However, in the event that your GLW FS Unit is not functioning properly, please follow the below checklist before contacting your GLW dealer.





Restricted Oil Flow

  1. Shutoff valve closed
  2. Filter dirty and clogged
  3. Clogged strainer
  4. Clogged metering jet
  1. Open Valve
  2. Change Filter
  3. Clean Strainer
  4. Clean Metering Jet

Oil coming out from vapour valve

  1. Sharp bend, dip or trap in return hose
  2. Check oil return line drops into non-pressurised location.
  3. Oil Pressure too high
  1. Re-route hose.
  2. Re-route hose. For best results, oil return should be located below the oil level in the pan.
  3. Replace metering jet with high pressure metering jet (included in kit).

Evaporator Head not hot after 5-10 minutes of operation

  1. Check Fuse
  2. Check Power source
  1. If fuse blown, replace fuse
  2. If no power source, rectify the power source problem.
  3. If fuse and power source is functioning, replace heating element.

Contact Info

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     Singapore 574036

  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday  (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM)