Installing the FS Filter and Evaporator Head

After installation of the FS Filter, connecting the pressure hoses and routing of the electrical wirings, it is necessary that you check that the FS system is operating correctly without any chokes or leaks in the hose connections before installing the FS filter and the evaporator head. Remember to take a sample of the old engine oil as this will indicate the current condition of the engine for future reference.


1) Check to be sure that the brass metering jet is installed in the bottom of the canister.

2) Start the engine. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes to check the engine oil is flowing out of the metering jet. The engine oil will be shooting out of the metering jet due to high pressure. Be sure to cover the canister with a piece of cloth and feel the pressure of the engine oil underneath the cloth. Once you feel the pressure, switch off the engine. (see video above)

3) Insert the FS filter into the FS canister. Be sure to push down the FS filter and ensure the rubber bung at the bottom of the FS filter is properly seated.

4) Place the O-ring on top of the FS filter and make sure it is aligned along the grooves of the FS filter.

5) Install the evaporator head. Make sure the gasket seal is aligned properly.

6) tighten the bolts holding down the evaporator head.

7) Start the engine again and visually check all fittings for oil leaks.

8) After 3-5 minutes of operation, gently touch the FS head near the heater cap. It should be hot to touch. This assures you that the heater element is working properly.

flowgauge9) Let the engine run for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the unit. The larger units, with their bigger filters, will take longer to fill. As soon as you are able to see oil flowing through the sight glass, shut off the engine. (See photo above)

10) Check the engine oil level. Top up new engine oil if necessary.

11) The FS system installation is now complete. Record the date and miles or hours on your engine or equipment so that you are able to keep an accurate record of filter changes and oil analysis.

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