Weekly Maintenance Checklist For GLW FS Oil Filtration Systems

The GLW FS unit is designed to be user-friendly with minimal maintenance and is manufactured with strict quality control to ensure a long lasting product. However, it is recommended to perform a weekly maintenance check as listed below to ensure your GLW FS System is functioning properly.






Check for engine oil leaks below the vehicle.

If leaks are found, drive your vehicle to any GLW authorized dealers / workshops for repairs.


Check the engine dipstick for the oil level.

If the oil level is low, top up the engine oil until required level.


Start the engine. Check for the oil level in the flow gauge to make sure it is at the correct level.

If the oil is not flowing correctly, the connecting hoses may be choked. Contact any GLW authorized dealers / workshops for assistance.


Check for engine oil leaking out of the filter or the connecting hoses.

Turn off the oil supply at the pressure point if oil is found to be leaking. This cuts off the engine oil supply to the filter. Send your vehicle to any GLW authorized dealers / workshops as soon as possible.


Check the heating plate. It should be hot when operating correctly.

Replace the fuse if the heating plate is not operating correctly. If the heating plate does not work after fuse replacement, it may be faulty. Contact any GLW authorized dealers / workshops for replacement.

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