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FS Bypass Systems

fs system

GLW's range of Oil Purifiner System is suitable in both engine and hydraulic applications. The model to choose is determined by the oil sump capacity of the engine or hydraulic system. The Oil Purifiner System is a bypass system that utilises the pressure from the engine to feed the oil into the purifiner system and the clean oil is returned to the oil sump via gravity flow. Typical applications include construction machineries, military vehicles, marine vessels and equipment, trucking and industrial machineries.

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GHH Mobile Systems

GHH FullRange

GLW's range of Mobile Oil Filtration System is designed to clean various types of hydraulic oil, compressor oil and transmission oil etc. GLW Mobile Oil Filtration System is able to clean up to 6000 litres of hydraulic at the rate of up to 120 litres per hour. The GLW Mobile Oil Filtration System is built with stainless steel or brass materials for durability and anti-corrosion capabilities.

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RCI Fuel Purifier System

rci-logo-4cThe RCI Technologies Fuel Purifier is designed based on two well known fuel separation principles, centrifugal and coalescence. With these two principles, water and other contaminants can be separated from the fuel, thus eliminating fuel filter clogging and frequent replacements.

The RCI Fuel Purifier cleans the fuel via a three-stage purification process.

Stage 1: As the fuel enters the fuel purifier, the velocity slows down considerably, allowing any free water droplets and other contaminants to maintain their mass and not emulsify with the fuel. The contaminants will accumulate and remain at the bottom of the fuel purifier until purged.

Stage 2: The fuel migrates through three perforated baffle plates to stop any particulates and attract water droplets by way of coalescence.

Stage 3: The fuel passes through the coalescence medium, which coalesce any small water droplets and particulates out of the fuel system.

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Laboratory Testing and Oil Analysis

Working with an accredited laboratory, we are able to provide customers with a one-stop solution from oil recycling services to oil analysis services.

Oil analysis is necessary to ensure that the recycled or filtered lubricating and hydraulic oil is within specifications and is fit for further uses.


Consultancy Services

Based on the customers’ requirements and the problems they are facing with their lubricating and hydraulic oil, GLS team of engineers is able to design and customized an oil filtration system to suit the customers’ needs.

Systems we had designed for customers include:

  • Shock Oil Filtration System
  • De-Watering System
  • and many more...

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